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Effective treatment of symptoms is better than hiding the problem!

How to properly tie a rope halter

Rope halters are very popular and come in tens of thousands of styles – some with strange intentions. Unfortunately, many use these rope halters without thinking why. Here are four things that can be good to know about rope halters: Most rope halters do not fit the horse properly!If you are using a rope halter,…
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HOVAKUTEN Angela Savoia: En effektiv behandling av symptomen är bättre än att dölja problemet!

club foot

Today I got a question on the subject of the club foot: “Hello, my horse has not received enough suitable minerals and has developed a club foot. Has switching to barefoot a good effect?” Well, there are horses that are born with a club foot. That is very rare – and in this case it…
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HovakuteHOVAKUTEN Angela Savoia with Wiebke at DIfHO® – Huforthopädie Jochen Biernat

11 years HOVAKUTEN!

And so many more years of strong hoof interest! Today my small company is celebrating its 11th birthday with a cake and, of course: with hooves!Thank you to all my customers – and especially to Jochen Biernat from the German Institute for Hoof Orthopedics (DIfHO), who gave me the right “tools” for my path to…
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A miniature's hoof is much different in care and repair than a full sized horse - I am experienced Miniature Hoof Care Specialists HOVAKUTEN Angela Savoia

So what? Every four weeks hoof care?

Unfortunately, I hear it over and over again – and especially on horses, where the hooves are very mismanaged. There are many factors that determine the rhythm of barefoot trimming, but here are two very important points of view: 1.) Balance: It is crucial how forces act on the hoof. The stronger and more counterproductive…
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Options and adjustability are the theme of EasyCare’s next line of hoof boots. By Garrett Ford By Garrett Ford, President of EasyCare Inc. I had a friend reach out and ask if we have anything in the works for new hoof boots. He was impressed with the new EasyShoe Flex line but is a barefoot hoof…
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WLD hoof crack hovspricka HOVAKUTEN Angela Savoia: En effektiv behandling av symptomen är bättre än att dölja problemet!

Hoof Wall Separation and White Line Disease

In the past, a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi, yeasts, etc. were blamed – BUT White Line Disesase is not a disease at all. If a hoof will overgrow, the hoof wall begin to separate from the coffin bone. As the hoof wall flares away, fungi find a perfect environment in the separations and begin…
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In dieser anstrengenden Zeit mit dem Coronavirus möchte ich mich so gut wie möglich um die Hufe ihrer Pferde kümmern. Die richtige Hufpflege ist für einen guten Tierschutz von entscheidender Bedeutung. Um meine Arbeit sicher zu erledigen, bitte ich die Pferdebesitzer, so gut sie können mit zu helfen. Sprechen Sie rechtzeitig mit mir darüber, wie…
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Only 6 weeks in between those images of a front hoof. This horse suffered too long by a former laminitis and false work of various veterinarians and farriers. My opinion is that such long walls are triggering laminitis and founder. Now he’s able to be ridden again, which is something his owner honestly never thought…
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long period bad shoeing

Long time shoeing and wrong angles reduced the blood circulation in his feets. He performed quite well, but his hoofes were growing very slowly – only 3mm a month, and in poor quality. Finally, even small successes accumulate to a big step forward: The hoof wall has become stronger and the sole works well again,…
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the impact of underrun heels

Look and compare following points with the next picture: – underrun heels – positioning of front legs – the buck-kneed carpus – swollen flexor tendons on frontlegs – conformation of back and the missing muscles behind the withers – the ewe neck with stiff lower neck muscles – position of hindlegs, cow-hocked and toes out…
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