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Effective treatment of symptoms is better than hiding the problem!

pushed-up coronary band

Left front hoof after 2 months of my hoof orthopedic treatment. Interesting how much the coronary line could normalize. The laminitic symptoms came safely from the long hooves. Balance is coming back, yepp!

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Arthritis and osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease. The breakdown of the joint cartilage leads to pain and paralysis, and just as we humans feels the horse to osteoarthritis especially in cold and wet weather. It is not possible to heal osteoarthritis, but it is possible to treat osteoarthritis in different ways and thus stop or slow…
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hyperextension of the deep flexor tendon

If the hoofs have become too long, it is quite painful to roll over. Then the hooves become more torn on the back parts instead of the toe – the beginning of a vicious circle with reduced mobility and overstretching of the deep flexor tendon. Much better positioning by ONE (!) orthopedic hoof treatment.

2020-01-27 0

hoof cracks

Any defect in a hoof wall is cause for concern, and this was a severe hoof wall crack! The 2. picture shows that the gap is closing (from the coronary band) – after only ONE MONTH orthopedic hoof treatment, and all progress without shoeing.

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