Hoofjack® Hoof Stand Geriatric

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The Geriatric Hoofjack® is intended for the horse with severely limited range of motion that would normally require you to work off the toe of your boot. The Geriatric cradle and post, which are essentially cut-down versions of the standard cradle and post, when paired with the mini base give you the lowest possible settings which will accommodate most geriatric and/or lame horses. While the mini base can be used under full size horses it must be noted that you will not have the full stability of the standard/medium Hoofjack®. That said, most geriatric and/or lame horses are not very active and find the support provided by the geriatric stand beneficial, and you will as well.

The Geriatric cradle will accommodate ponies to small drafts (hooves smaller than a size 7 shoe or < 7 3/4″ wide).

The Geriatric Hoofjack® includes one mini base, Geriatric cradle, and one Geriatric straight post with rubber cap.

  • The mini base is made of linear polyethylene.
  • Two strong 90 lb. pull magnets are included to hold your rasp, nippers, hoof knife etc., close at hand.
  • The base material comes with a three year warranty against horse breakage.
  • Free 40 minute Hoofjack® instructional video included.

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