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thrush and hoof canker

framgång efter 8 veckor: bredare hov med bättre strål

after 8 weeks: wider hoof and less thrush

Infection of the frog is either thrush or a less addressed infection in the central sulcus. Unhealthy, poorly shaped feet have often frogs with a deep central crevice in the back region which harbors anaerobic bacteria and fungi. The infection thrives in the deep, moist, anaerobic environment and is – if it reaches soft tissue structures – very painful for the horse!

Long during foulness/thrush in the frog will end in hoof cancer! The sensitive sole is also affected. The 3nd picture was taken before treatment and shows allready an huge improvement after just 2 month of my orthopedic treatment. The hoof is wider and the bars are not wedged any longer!