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Effective treatment of symptoms is better than hiding the problem!

the impact of underrun heels

Look and compare following points with the next picture: – underrun heels – positioning of front legs – the buck-kneed carpus – swollen flexor tendons on frontlegs – conformation of back and the missing muscles behind the withers – the ewe neck with stiff lower neck muscles – position of hindlegs, cow-hocked and toes out…
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2020-01-27 0

hyperextension of the deep flexor tendon

If the hoofs have become too long, it is quite painful to roll over. Then the hooves become more torn on the back parts instead of the toe – the beginning of a vicious circle with reduced mobility and overstretching of the deep flexor tendon. Much better positioning by ONE (!) orthopedic hoof treatment.

2020-01-27 0