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about me

My great passion: Hooves!

As long as I can remember, I was fascinated by horses, and with my first horse I began to be interested in hooves, too. Every time I bombed my farrier with questions, which he gladly answered, and after some lecture finally the opportunity popped-up: A weekend course with Jochen Biernat! He was and (still is) Germanys leading equine hoof researcher. After this, I started trimming my horses and those of my friends.

Unfortunately, the long period of apprenticeship deterred me from becoming
a farrier, and I studied some “decent” – first construction and then
electrical engineering. I did some endurance riding and discovered the world of
hoof boots, experimented a lot and operated beside a small horseshop. Finally,
I decided to become a hoof orthopaedist. After two years of exciting training
with extensive theory and many practical weekends at the German Institute for
Hoof Orthopedics, I held the diploma to a DIfHO® hoof orthopaedist in hand. 


HOVAKUTEN Angela Savoia at DIfHO® – Huforthopädie Jochen Biernat Staffel 17

HOVAKUTEN Angela Savoia at DIfHO®–Huforthopädie. Photo credit: Jochen Biernat

In 2009, I moved together with my 4 arabian horses to Sweden, and further to Norway in 2017. Scandinavia is in terms of barehoof trimming a big black hole. Still a lot to improve, but we tackle it!

HOVAKUTEN Angela Savoia: En effektiv behandling av symptomen är bättre än att dölja problemet!

Effective treatment of symptoms instead of concealing problems! HOVAKUTEN Angela Savoia with Wiebke at DIfHO® – Huforthopädie Jochen Biernat