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Effective treatment of symptoms is better than hiding the problem!

HovakuteHOVAKUTEN Angela Savoia with Wiebke at DIfHO® – Huforthopädie Jochen Biernat

11 years HOVAKUTEN!

And so many more years of strong hoof interest! Today my small company is celebrating its 11th birthday with a cake and, of course: with hooves!Thank you to all my customers – and especially to Jochen Biernat from the German Institute for Hoof Orthopedics (DIfHO), who gave me the right “tools” for my path to…
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A miniature's hoof is much different in care and repair than a full sized horse - I am experienced Miniature Hoof Care Specialists HOVAKUTEN Angela Savoia

So what? Every four weeks hoof care?

Unfortunately, I hear it over and over again – and especially on horses, where the hooves are very mismanaged. There are many factors that determine the rhythm of barefoot trimming, but here are two very important points of view: 1.) Balance: It is crucial how forces act on the hoof. The stronger and more counterproductive…
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