So what? Every four weeks hoof care?

Effective treatment of symptoms is better than hiding the problem!

So what? Every four weeks hoof care?

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A miniature's hoof is much different in care and repair than a full sized horse - I am experienced Miniature Hoof Care Specialists HOVAKUTEN Angela Savoia

Unfortunately, I hear it over and over again – and especially on horses, where the hooves are very mismanaged. There are many factors that determine the rhythm of barefoot trimming, but here are two very important points of view:

1.) Balance: It is crucial how forces act on the hoof. The stronger and more counterproductive these are, the shorter the treatment intervals must be.

2.) Horn growth: Especially the corner support. They often lie on the sole and deteriorate the condition of the hoof very quickly. If the interval between two effects becomes too long, all work before was in vain!

When it comes to hoof health, you should not save! Put simply: a diseased hoof leads to a diseased musculoskeletal system. I do not accept the cost argument, because a hoof orthopedist or barefoot specialist with a 4-week interval is much cheaper than many farriers who only come every ten weeks. In addition, short intervals have been proven, especially on severely deformed hooves. The hooves regenerate so much faster – a huge advantage for the horse and the owner’s wallet!