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EasyCare’s best boots combined in one: EasyBoot Backcountry 2016 offers the best features of the EB Glove and the EB Trail. Price per piece.

The Easyboot Back Country 2016 features a comfort cup gaiter made of a softer and thicker material. The front shield has been refined for a sleeker fit. All sizes now come standard with a removable rear snug strap that can be reversed for left or right hooves. The modifications allow the boot to excel in the pleasure riding category and double as a performance boot.

Available in 20 sizes, including ½ sizes (00 – 5 regular, 0-3 wide).

The Easyboot Glove Back Country is being marketed as ‘the most luxourious hoof boot in the world’! The lower part of this new Easycare hoof boot is a Glove shell which gives the form fitting, quick breakover and superb traction of the ever popular Easyboot Glove. The upper of the Back Country consists of two pieces, the neoprene heel cup which is very soft and protects the heels area and back of the pastern from any rubbing and the front cordura covered neoprene portion that wraps around the top of the hoof to hold the boot securely in place. The end result is a very sleek boot with all the competitive advantages of the form fitting Glove, but the security of the Easyboot Trail. A correctly fitted boot should stay on through all types of conditions, even deep mud, water and sand.

This boot is a good choice for hoof shapes, including wider than long hooves through to longer than wide hooves. Ideal for horses whose measurements fit the size chart correctly, but due to the secure upper, there is more flexibility in sizing than with the Glove. Designed for leisure riding, but some horses (with well fitted boots) using the Back Country successfully for longer distances such as endurance or all day rides, schooling and competition (where permitted).

Please note that the Glove boot will not suit horses with excessively long hooves, or horses requiring thick pads for conditioning or rehabilitation (as the Back Country can only be used with 6mm pads).

Key Features:

  • Combines the best of the two top selling Easycare hoof boots, the Trail and the Glove.
  • Tough cordura and neoprene upper stabilises the boot, with a soft heel cup to help prevent rubbing and keep debris out.
  • Quick and easy to put on and take off.
  • All 3 parts of the boot are replaceable – you never need to replace a whole boot!
  • The easy to secure upper holds the Glove shell in place, ideal for horses not successful with the Glove.
  • An excellent all round boot, offering the lightness of the Glove but the security of a boot fitting over the whole hoof.

Notes for sizing of the Easyboot Glove Back Country:

  • If you are already using the Gloves without a powerstrap – if the Gloves are a very tight fit, you may need to go up ½ a size.
  • If you are already using the Gloves with a powerstrap – the same size Back Country should fit.
  • If you have never used Gloves before – ideally, you should use a Glove Fit Kit to determine the best size. If working from measurements alone, the Back Country is usually true to size, as long as your horses’ measurements fall within the same size.
  • If in any doubt about the size Back Country you require for your horse – use the Fit Kit first!

Please note, the above recommendations are based on a horse with a regular barefoot trim at 2-4 weekly intervals (or self-wearing). Horses trimmed every 6 weeks often need to go up a ½ size. Horses trimmed every 8 weeks often need to go up 1 size but may be better suited to an Easyboot Trail.

The Easyboot Glove Backcountry should fit horses with large or wide heel bulbs as the upper is longer than on the Easyboot Trail/ Old Mac G2 hoof boots (and the gaiter on the Glove).


Although the size chart for the Easyboot Glove Back Country is the same as the Easyboot Glove, the fit does not need to be as snug. Customers who are unable to use the Easyboot Glove due to length of trim cycle or lack of hand strength should consider the Easyboot Glove Back Country. If your horse is on a trim cycle longer than four weeks, we recommend using a half size larger than the snug fit required for the Easyboot Glove. Sizing up a half size also allows for ease of application.

* Please note that the use of any hoof boot over metal shoes will invalidate the warranty.

You can view the size chart for the Easyboot Back Country 2016 here:

Size Width in mm Length in mm
00 96-99mm 106-109mm
00.5 100-103mm 110-113mm
0 104-107mm 114-117mm
0.5 108-111mm 118-121mm
1 112-115mm 122-125mm
1.5 116-119mm 126-129mm
2 120-123mm 130-133mm
2.5 124-127mm 134-137mm
3 128-131mm 138-141mm
3.5 132-135mm 142-145mm
4 136-139mm 146-149mm
4.5 140-143mm 150-153mm
5 144-147mm 154-157mm

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