Vettec Equi-Pak Soft™ 210cc

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Equi-Pak Soft™ 210cc

Color: Clear

Set Time: 40 sec.

Equi-Pak Soft 210cc is packaged in an industry standard cartridge and holds 30% more material than prior models, giving you more material for your money. Handle those “sensitive situations” with Equi-Pak|Soft.

  • For use as pad/packing material
  • About 2X softer than regular Equi-Pak
  • Stays soft (even in cold temperatures)
  • Strong bond to soles sealing out moisture and debris, (better than silicones)
  • Use with pads on working horses
  • Perfect for deep commissures and thin soles
  • Can be filled to ground level (w/o a pad) for lameness cases (with limited turnout)
  • Absorbs shock and concussion